Septic Tank Pumping

Pro Plumber Visalia is the leading source for professional and dependable septic service. Our small family company is committed to customer service and quality customer service. With knowledge of all types of environmental and domestic systems, our staff has thousands of hours of experience. We are the best in the industry for your system repairs. Our company provides pumping solutions which serve the needs of commercial, industrial, and agricultural customers. Normal maintenance, repair and cleaning are important in order to preserve the effectiveness of your home's septic system. Quality customer service is very important to us. With the ambition to do the job well Pro Plumber Visalia assures that our employees are both professional and well trained with a commitment to providing the best service. With experience in locating, uncovering, and maintaining septic systems, our employees are trained to completely remove all solids from your septic tank. In order to achieve a trouble-free septic system and operation, it is important before the system shows any sign of failure to remove seepage from tank prior to washing out the absorption field. Septic tanks systems are very delicate and contain a balance of organic and chemical factors that must be maintained carefully. If a problem with the balance occurs due to infrequent or poor maintenance, the results can be very destructive.

In order to protect homeowners and those selling their homes, Pro Plumber Visalia suggests a complete septic system inspection should be performed prior to the purchase of a home or property that has a septic system. This not only protects the buyer, but the seller as well from any issues in regard to the disposal of sewage. Sometimes a tank's structure may be contain damage from methane gas. Premature failure of the tank may be caused by large amounts of methane damage, which pose safety issues and expensive repairs and replacements. A report which outlines the conditions observed at the time of inspection, can be completed upon inspection. At Pro Plumber Visalia we believe these reports help discover repairs that can be made to assist with ensuring the future use of the system, also reports provide a better level of confidence in the system's operation.

The tank serves two purposes, first as a filter and as a treatment device secondly. Most septic systems are broken into two parts, the tank and drainfield. Both serve as treatment elements and are biologically active. The difficulty with septic systems is they are underground. The tank prepares the wastewater for the drain field, while the drain field is the area of soil that absorbs waste water. Although they are better for the environment and cost effective, tanks do require regular maintenance. Cleaning the tank will do little good once the field is clogged from the soil absorption. We at Pro Plumber Visalia believe that in order to maintain proper functioning, tanks should be cleaned every three or four years. The size of the tank will affect how often your tank needs pumping, in addition to the types of appliances you use, as well the household size.

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